Commitment to Community

Metropolis at Metrotown welcomes registered non-profit organizations to apply for funds from the Community Investment Fund program, to use our Charitable Location to fundraise or spread awareness of their cause or event, or to submit a request for community sponsorship. Please refer to the FAQ below to ensure your organization is eligible before submitting a request.


At Metropolis at Metrotown we strive to make our community a better place.

As such, we have partnered with several community organizations to provide free community meeting space, funds, and in-mall promotion areas as we aim to reach our full potential in benefiting local and national organizations.

The Metropolis Express is a trackless train that runs through the corridors of Metropolis at Metrotown and provides rides by donation with proceeds given to charity. We believed that many charities could benefit from the traffic at Metropolis and donations from the Metropolis Express Train. Since 2005, the Metropolis Express has raised over $600,000 for donation to local charities. The Community Investment program aims to help valuable non-profit organizations continue their amazing work in our community.

Metropolis at Metrotown is committed to making a positive contribution to Burnaby to ensure it continues to be a great place to live, work and play.


Metropolis at Metrotown aims to contribute and establish partnerships that enable it to play its role as a socially responsible member of the community. It would like to specifically support organizations and programs primarily in three areas: youth-based programs, environmental projects, and social welfare.

  • Youth: Metropolis at Metrotown is committed to supporting and enriching the lives of our youth. Funding has previously been provided to schools and youth-based programs including school gardens, youth-leadership events, healthy snack program, and anti-bullying initiatives.
  • Environment: Metropolis at Metrotown invests in programs that make the community a greener place for all citizens to enjoy.
  • Social Welfare: Metropolis at Metrotown provides financial support to organizations that assist the homeless and provide solutions for people in difficulty. Examples of previously funded programs include: homeless outreach program with mobile van delivering snacks and personal supplies, and program funding for transition house for victims of abuse.

To be eligible, requests must meet stated requirements to allow us to fully evaluate the application. Incomplete applications may not be considered.

Although we encourage organizations to apply for the funds, we receive far more requests than we are able to fulfill. We make decisions based upon the application form and consider the effect the funds would have on the organization.

General Criteria:
An organization requesting funds must:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization with registration number
  • Distribute funds within the GVRD, with preference to Burnaby-based organizations
  • Make a unique contribution to community
  • Be "grassroots" with funds making a significant difference in operations
  • Have defined goals and objectives
  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, religion or sexual orientation

Organization and projects that are ineligible for funding are:

  • Religious or political organizations
  • Individuals
  • For profit organizations
  • Debt-reduction campaigns
  • Capital projects (eg. new playground, building upgrades,salaries, etc)

To apply, please click here for the application form and submit your completed application via email to [email protected] or via fax (Attn: Marketing) to 604.438.3974.

In order to assist as many charities as possible, we recommend that your request be a maximum of $5,000.


Any non-profit charitable group or organization that is able to provide a government-sanctioned charitable number is eligible to submit an application. The location must be used solely for fundraising and information awareness activities. Retail sales of goods that conflict with current retailers (eg. donut fundraisers, chocolate sales, etc) are not allowed. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and submission of an application does not guarantee usage of the charitable location. Approval of organization and/or awareness and fundraising activities is at the discretion of Metropolis at Metrotown. 

Metropolis at Metrotown focuses on youth, the environment, arts/culture, and social welfare, with an emphasize on local organizations.

When can I use the charitable location? 

The charitable location is available for use on weekdays only (Monday to Friday), and must be staffed by the non-profit organization during all mall hours (10:00am-9:00pm). Usage of the charitable location is limited to two bookings per calendar year, for each non-profit organization.

Because of the high volume of shoppers the mall receives on weekends, we are unable to use our charitable location as it creates an occupational hazard. Use of the charitable booth during the month of December is also prohibited due to the high number of holiday shoppers during this month.

Where is the charitable location in the mall? 

The charitable location is located in a high traffic area in Atrium Court, between Lush and Coach. Fundraising activities in other areas in the mall or on the property (eg. entrances, plaza, parking lot, etc) is prohibited.

We will provide a booth and chairs to approved non-profit organizations on a space-permitting basis.

Operational Rules & Regulations 

  • Hours of Operation: Display must be staffed during all mall hours (10am-9pm). No exceptions.
  • Onsite Parking: Personal vehicles must be parked in a designated area. You will be asked to provide vehicle information. 
  • Licensee's Employees: Casual business attire or uniform is required. No denim jeans or overly casual dress is permitted.
  • Eating and drinking while in the booth is not allowed.
  • All signage and advertising must be professional. Freehand signs are not allowed.
  • No helium-filled balloons are allowed in the Centre.
  • Automobile displays must provide the Licensor with keys for the vehicles(s) for the duration of the License Period.
  • The vehicles must be kept clean; the battery disconnected; the fuel tank should be FULL (fuel is not allowed in any containers other than the vehicles fuel reservoir); gas cap locked; protective wheel pads used; and a grease/oil resistant pad placed under the chassis.
  • Propane is allowed where the vehicle is equipped with an 80% stop fill valve and shut off valve on the tank.
  • Bottles over 5 pounds capacity are not allowed.
  • Natural gas is allowed if there is a complete shut off valve on the tank. All shut off valves must be off while the vehicle is parked
  • Large exhibits and displays (e.g., cars and boats) must enter the Centre through the promotion doors located in the mall beside the Real Canadian Superstore, at the northeast corner of the mall. Entry must be before 8:30 am and the area must be clear by 9:00 am as the Superstore opens at this time. Exit must be after closing at 10 pm.
  • All maintenance of the exhibits (e.g. Armor-all on tires, etc) must be done before entering the Centre.
  • All large exhibits using the promotion doors must safely fit through an access size of eight feet, eleven inches high.

How do I apply for use of the charitable location?

Space is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis only, and is not guaranteed. If you represent a charity or non-profit organization and wish to use this space at Metropolis at Metrotown, please fill out this application with at least two months in advance of your event and email [email protected]

If your request is approved, your organization will be required to complete a Temporary Occupancy Agreement and provide written proof of general liability insurance ($2 million) listing:

Metropolis at Metrotown
Metrotown Centre
Ivanhoe Cambridge I Inc.
Ivanhoe Cambridge. II Inc.
and Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc. as additional named insurers.

Charities must also agree to abide by our operational rules and regulations. Please submit your request with complete details as above or by mail to: 

Metropolis at Metrotown
Administration Office
ATTN: Marketing
604-4720 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
V5H 4N2
Fax: (604) 438-3974


Does Metropolis at Metrotown provide donations?

Metropolis at Metrotown does provide in-kind donations to charities. We receive a high volume of requests each week and as such we are not always able to provide a donation. Metropolis at Metrotown focuses on youth, the environment, arts, and culture.

We will not provide an in-kind donation to:

  • Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
  • Political organizations and candidates

  • Individuals and for-profit organizations
  • Competitive sports teams advocacy or special interest groups, goodwill advertising, travel expenses, field trips, tours, ticket purchases, retroactive requests, conferences, seminars, workshops, beauty pageants, funding for individuals, or events and activities that take place outside of Canada.

In addition, Metropolis at Metrotown does not provide discounts on gift card purchases.

To request a donation please complete the request form at the bottom of this page. 

​Can I distribute posters in the centre?

Metropolis at Metrotown does not allow posters to be posted in our centre. If you have an event that you would like to publicize, please email the information to [email protected] and, if appropriate, we will post the information on our website under the events section.

Can I host an event at Metropolis at Metrotown benefiting a charity?

Metropolis at Metrotown holds a number of events each year and we are always looking for new and innovative events. If you have a well thought-out idea, please send your idea to Anne Blaine, Marketing Coordinator at [email protected].

Can I conduct a survey or questionnaire in the mall?

No, Metropolis at Metrotown does not allow solicitation in our centre or on mall property.

Community Inquiry or Sponsorship Request