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Six ways to incorporate travel souvenirs into your décor

Who says summer has to end? Revisit your vacation memories whenever you like with these home decorating ideas.

During your vacation

  • Be careful about impulse buying. What will you do with that oversized sombrero when you get home? Before giving in to temptation, visualize the space and colours of the rooms where you’ll display your discoveries.

  • Think light. Buying fabrics is a good option. First, they won’t weigh down your suitcase. Second, they’re an original way to personalize a cushion or create a made-to-measure tablecloth that your dinner guests will admire!

Once you’re back home

  • Print your cell phone photos. They’ll have more impact than if they just appear on social media! Hang them up with clothespins or fancy paper clips on a string of lights or a cord. Use various coloured frames on your living room wall to enhance an eclectic décor.

  • Print them on a different medium. Raw canvas is a good way to give an artistic Pinterest-style touch to your décor! Choose black and white for a chic timeless effect in the room. Another possibility? Use enlargements of different sizes to create your own gallery wall. For a loft effect, place the pictures on the floor and lean them against the wall.

  • Create a keepsake box. Put your smallest souvenirs – a mini Eiffel Tower, metro tickets, coins or pieces of road maps – in an elegant glass box.

  • Toast the good times. What do you do with that bottle of liquor from your vacation that is sitting on your shelf? It’s time to make punch. Mix seasonal fruits with that gin you brought back from England or the rum from Cuba!

Four tips for a successful gallery wall

  • First, think about the shape you want your composition to have. Confirm that it works before hanging any frames by testing it on the floor.

  • Use multiple frames and vary their sizes for maximum effect. Feel free to decorate your entire wall!

  • To create a soft atmosphere, use a palette of colours with the same tones and frames with identical finishes.

  • Add a graphic touch by playing with colours in a symmetrical way.

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