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5 original ways to decorate your pumpkin

Skip the mess of cutting a jack-o-lantern: decorate your pumpkin instead. Check out these 5 original ways to adorn your no-carve pumpkin, as seen on Instagram:


1. Ornamental elegance

A touch of black paint, a little orange bling, and you can bejewel your pumpkin perfectly for a high-style Halloween. Go free form with glass or ceramic tiles in orange – or in any other colour that catches your fancy!

Happy Halloween. Make some fun things, dress any way you want and eat lots of candy! #halloween #pumpkin #nocarvepumpkin #makestuff

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2. Jack in black & white

How do you update a time-honoured tradition? Paint your pumpkins black, white and grey, then grab a Sharpie and create a freehand Aztec-inspired design – uniquely different and totally modern.

3. Go glitter

Orange is so last year! Shake up your décor with colourful glitter pumpkins. Pick your favourite hues to paint your pumpkin, then smooth on glue anywhere you want to sprinkle on a sparkly hit of gold or silver glitter.

4. Flower-filled

Turn your pumpkin into a autumn-inspired floral centerpiece. Cut off the top and remove the insides of a white pumpkin, then slide in a bouquet vase of seasonnal blooms. Glorious!

Need a centerpiece for tomorrow? My pumpkin vase how-to has you covered! {link in profile} #zoewithloveblog #zoewithlovehome

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5. Bean there

Dried beans make surprisingly stunning pumpkin décor. Create a design and glue in the beans ceramic-style for a distinctively different and totally fun way to make your Jack-o-lantern stand out so even the trick-or-treaters take notice.

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