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Beauty Interview with YouTube sensation Adelaine Morin

In this exclusive interview, beauty vlogger Adelaine Morin, (who recently attended the NYX store opening at Metropolis at Metrotown), shares her favourite trends and go-to products, plus the worst makeup mistake she’s ever made.​

Adelaine, what’s your beauty routine?

It usually consists of slapping on fake lashes, with a black lash glue, before curling my eyelashes, swiping on some mascara and applying a pinch of pink balm to my lips.

What are your favourite beauty trends?

I’m a very colourful person, so obviously the pop of colour trend is my favourite right now. I love a bold blue eyeliner or a flaming red lipstick. Makeup is art and I love experimenting!

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What are your go-to beauty products?

NYX liquid eyeliner, dry shampoo and fake eyelashes.

What’s the worst makeup mistake that you ever made?

One common mistake that I’ve made in the past was skip out on primer and setting spray. I used to go about my day asking myself why my contour was fading away by lunch. Little did I know the wonders of a good primer and setting spray!

How do you have your nails done at the moment?

It’s almost my signature style to have long, colourful nails. But recently, I’ve decided to give my nails a break from the acrylics and go all natural. I miss my long nails, though!


What’s the best beauty tip that you’ve ever received?

Makeup is not about covering up imperfections, it’s about enhancing the natural beauty that’s already there.

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